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September 2013 Update

Greeting All,
I know it has been quite a while since my last JRE update.  So, I wanted to let all of you know how things are going.  I have a new website for the ministry:  I haven't put much information on there yet.  But, there are a few articles about science and God.  Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.  Also, there is a forum where you can ask me about your science and/or theology questions.  Everyone can see the questions and answers and we can have a lively (and civil) discussion about whatever you all have questions about.  There is also a place to sign up for the newsletters if you want to.  If you previously told me that you wanted to be on the JRE newsletter list, I have signed you up already. 
In May, I held a Finding God in Science evening class for 6 weeks.  There were about 16-23 people there from Vinelife and a few other places attending each week.  So, it was a great turn out.  Everyone seemed to be really blessed.
Here is some of the feedback from the class:
"As someone who is naturally interested in the sciences, this class provided extensive clarity for the higher dimensions & established and understandable context for how these concepts effect our everyday lives."
"It was an excellent presentation of very complicated concepts in terms that non-science laymen can understand (at least a little!)  The amount of revelation of God's creation is humbling and mind-blowing."
"It was extremely interesting & informative.  I've never been particularly science-oriented, but I was able to grasp the concepts.  I have great respect for you knowledge, both spiritual and scientific.  You really challenged my thinking, esp. during the history of the universe session.  I have a lot to think about."
"Wow.  God is amazing! He is truly an intelligent designer who loved us enough to be incredibly creative in giving us life and the world we live in."
"It is overwhelming to understand God created us for His enjoyment and created the universe for our enjoyment."
"Very interesting & I wanted more classes!"
"Expands the awareness tremendously!!"
"The class was worth investing in and I gained a lot from it."
We just started the new school year at Vinelife's school of ministry which is now called Vinelife University.  I will be teaching a class each Monday and co-teaching another class also on Mondays.  So, I will get a lot more practice teaching.  Also, it will make me develop more talks on more topics which will help me with JRE as well.  We are also working on developing more short and simple exercises to help the students develop their spirits and their spiritual senses and connection with the Holy Spirit.  If any of you have any suggestions for 2-5 minute exercise that students can do to help them get in the Spirit and/or develop their spiritual senses, you can email me or post on the JRE forum.  It is going to be an exciting year.
There are a few things you can keep me in prayer for.  The couple that has been graciously allowing me to stay in their house for free for a year is selling their house and moving.  I don't know how long it will be before the house sells and I have to find another place to live.  God has been providing for my basic bills and food, but so far, He hasn't grown that support to have enough to pay for a place to live yet.  So please keep me in prayer for where God wants me to live next and for the continued and increased finances to pay the bills.
I pray that all of you are doing well.
Abundant Blessings in Christ,
Sarah McGee
Jesus Reigns Eternal