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July 2016 Update

July 2016 Update

I know it has been far too long since my last JRE newsletter. Sorry. I have been so swamped in getting my first book published, but I am happy to announce that it is finally finished and published! It took almost a month longer than I had anticipated to get everything done. I appreciate the patience of everyone who put in a pre-order. I hope the wait was worth it.

Heaven's Reality: Lifting the Quantum Veil
Heaven’s Reality: Lifting the Quantum Veil

Quantum physics studies the boundary zone between the physical part of the universe and the nonphysical realm. The Bible frequently refers to the non-physical realm as the unseen or spiritual realm. So, quantum physics has a lot to say about how the spiritual realm works, but there are many confusing and inaccurate interpretations out there in popular media these days. This book will provide simple and easy ways to demystify quantum physics and to understand the Bible. We will lift the veil of the confusion surrounding the unseen realm as we explore many intriguing scientific discoveries that show us about Heaven's reality. We will also see how well the latest discoveries about the unseen realm point back to realities revealed in Scripture.

I hope that everyone will be blessed and encouraged by the book. My book is now available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle. It helps me out the most if people buy the book through my Amazon-CreateSpace e-store: After you read the book, it would be super helpful if you would go to Amazon and the JRE website and leave comments and a rating for the book. I hope you like it as much as I do (or even more). That way others who don’t know me can get a better idea about the book and be encouraged to read it. Thanks in advance.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback too. I want to constantly improve my writing and communication skills. There is a forum on the website that is specifically for comments, questions, and feedback about my book. You can ask any questions that you have about the material in the book and I’ll answer it there. Also, you can read through other people’s questions and see if those answers help you too. I especially want to know if there were any confusing sections that I can work on making clearer. I appreciate all your feedback.

I already know that there are a few typos in the first printing. The most notable one is that the self-publishing company logo was spelled wrong on the back cover. Oops! I have fixed the typos I found, so that anyone who buys the book from now on will get the updated version. But, if you find any other typos, or just plain confusing parts, let me know on the forum so I can work on getting that fixed.

There is another forum for general science and theology questions, too. That is a great place to ask me your questions and get answers where everyone else can see the answers too. The book just came out, so don’t be afraid to be the first person to ask a question. The more of my friends ask questions, the easier it will be for strangers to ask questions.

I had to set up my own self-publishing company for my books and videos to make it easier to use Amazon’s CreateSpace as a distributor. My new publishing company is called, “Glistening Prospect Bookhouse.” The publishing company currently has the capacity for me to publish 10 different books. I have the ideas for that many easily. I just need to figure out which topic to write on next.

I also spoke at the “Overcoming with God and Science” conference at Living Word Ministries International in Wheatridge, CO in May. It has been over a year since I spoke at a conference, so I felt like I was a bit rusty, but the audience didn’t seem to mind. They all seemed to be very blessed and encouraged by what I shared. They asked some really good questions during the Q&A time. Many commented that they were challenged to grow in their faith and encouraged in the Lord. It was also really nice to get to see some of my Colorado spiritual family again. Maybe next time I can stay a little longer and get to see more of my Colorado friends.

One of my friends here in St. Louis loaned me his camera to record my teaching at the conference. So, I am also busy working on editing those videos so I can make them available to everyone. I am looking into the possibility of making the videos available on Amazon Instant Video. I will also put up some segments on YouTube for everyone. But, I have to get the videos done first. I am hoping that having some videos of my teaching on YouTube will help spread the word about the ministry and generate more invitations for me to speak. I am also hoping that the book will help people learn more about the message that God has given me and leave them wanting to hear more. I appreciate everyone’s help in spreading the word.

I have moved the JRE website over to a new hosting server, which is much cheaper. I have also transferred all of the user accounts over. For those of you who have accounts at, let me know if you have any trouble logging in to the website or if any of your profile information is missing or incorrect. You will need an account to post questions or comments to the forum. You can also sign up to receive my newsletters by email even if you don’t have an account on the website by going to the News page.

I would appreciate you all keeping me in prayer. My current prayer requests are:
  • Guidance from the Holy Spirit about the topics for my next book and the words to say while writing it
  • More opportunities to teach and speak
  • The videos of my teachings edited and released
  • Financial provision • More team members to join with me in the ministry of JRE
  • Help in establishing the non-profit status of JRE along with all the associated paperwork and cost

I appreciate all of your prayers and support as I continue to attempt to express what God has taught me to as many others as I can.

Sarah McGee

I can only do what God has called me to do with help and support from my beloved God-Family.  If you feel led to support me in writing my books and/or support JRE, you can give directly to me.  Go to and select the "Donate" menu option and follow the instructions. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly in every way.