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JRE November 2014 Update

We've had an exciting year at Jesus Reigns Eternal. I had a great conference back in January that was well attended. Many people were blessed and encouraged by the message of Finding God in Science. Then, I had the privilege of speaking at a breakout session at a conference in my home church, Vinelife, in May. I had DVDs of my Finding God in Science conference from January which sold out completely. That helped me pay all my bills for that month. I felt like this is how things are supposed to work as an itinerate minister: speaking at a conference, blessing and encouraging people in the Lord, selling product, and paying my bills. I'm actually starting to be able to make a living at ministry.

God has been blessing me financially as my support is steadily growing this year. I am staying at some generous friends' house for free as a way for them to support the ministry God is doing through me. And, I am getting a few regular supporters now. I am also teaching at two ministry schools in town which are paying me for teaching. God is continuing to improve my support and finances. I was able to get a new to me car that is reliable last month which was a miracle. So, there are lots of things to thank God for.

I would appreciate your prayers for continued growth in my support and finances. I would like to be able to have a space to write books in. I have several books in my mind/heart. But, I need a quiet, comfortable space with a good desk to start writing them down. I know all of you want to read my books and many others would be blessed by them also. And, that would also be a source of income for me. So, please keep that need in prayer for God to do a miracle and open something up for me.

I have several weekend intensive workshops coming up. The next on is December 5-6. It will be Friday night from 7-9 pm. And, Saturday from 9 to 5:30. It will be on Finding God in Science. Here is a summary of the class for those of you who might be interested in coming:

FGIS flyer
Scientists search for the truth by looking at the natural world. The Bible calls this Truth Jesus. The truths that science discovers about nature must be consistent with the truths found in the Bible. Scientists have found many exciting discoveries that correlate very well with the Bible. This class will explore some of those scientific discoveries that reveal God’s power and His divine nature from quantum physics as well as other sciences.

We will be making DVDs of this class for those who are unable to attend in person or who want to review the information over again. We are also opening up an online school at Vinelife University (my home church's ministry school). That way anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in my classes. It is still in the pioneering stages right now. So, we only have on-demand capability with a week or so delay in getting the videos online. As we get the system more and more functional, it should also help get the message God has given me out to more people. So, if you are not in the Colorado area, you can watch the weekend intensives online from the comfort of your own homes on your own schedule. I would also appreciate prayer covering for the online school as we pioneer it.

I will also be doing two more weekend intensives called Simple Theology. Part one will be on January 23-24. Part two will be on February 20-21. There will be DVDs and online versions of these classes as well for those who are not in the area. But, if you are in the area, I encourage you to attend. You will have the opportunity to learn all the things I teach in the ministry schools in three weekends. Here is the summary of the Simple Theology class:

"The simplest solution is always the most correct." So, why do we try to make our theology so complicated? It is human nature to expand out God's laws as we try to understand them and make things more and more complicated. But, if we understand God's heart, all the laws simplify down into the one greatest commandment - Love.

Theology is the study of the nature God. God is so brilliant, that He has made everything very simple and efficient. In this series, we will boil down all of our complicated theology into the most basic principles of God's love and character. When we make our theology as simple as possible, we can more easily apply it to our lives, hearts, thoughts, and actions.

I hope to see some of you at the classes. I know you will be challenged, encouraged, and blessed.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Sarah McGee