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Connecting Science and the Bible

Everything Comes from Nothing

There are many similarities between what science has discovered thus far and what the Bible says about nature. This must be the case because, as Christians, we believe that God created the universe and He also divinely inspired the Bible, so they both should show the same truths. Truth is truth and truths don't contradict each other. We all know that our God does not contradict Himself. Many times, however, we don't really understand what God is saying or what science has discovered, and so there appears to be contradictions between the two. However, the contradiction is always because of our own misunderstandings, since truth will always confirm other truths. We do see many cases in nature that clearly confirm the truth found in Scripture. As we study all of what God has made and said in both nature and the Bible, we see daily proof of God's incredible character and love as well as many correlations with what God has said in Scripture.

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Higher Dimensions

String theory tells us that there are at least 10 or 11 dimensions in the universe. We have the four dimensions (4D) of time, length, width, and height that we are used to in the physical part of the universe, but there are also at least six or seven more “something else” dimensions that are hidden inside the physical dimensions.

Each dimension is perpendicular to all the others. We see this when we look at a box. The length, width, and height are all perpendicular to each other forming right angles. Then, we add six or seven more dimensions perpendicular to those three. How do we do that? What direction is perpendicular to length, width, and height all at the same time? Any direction that is simultaneously perpendicular to all the three physical dimensions couldn’t be pointed inside the physical dimensions. That direction has to go somewhere else, outside the physical dimensions.

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